Monday, February 9, 2009

The Vet

So Monday morning in the early morning I thought that Kristine was taking me for a walk. I was bundled up inside of her bunny sling and carried on the front of her chest. Then we got into the truck. Then we arrived at the dog and cat haven. "SHUDDER" So... Dr. Jerry saw me and moved my jaw around, feeling my lump on the right side and said that x-rays were necessary to find out the problem.

I would be returning!

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My favorite things to chew on

  • 10. Books
  • 9. Begonias
  • 8. Buttons
  • 7. Zippers
  • 6. Windowsill
  • 5. Red Rug
  • 4. Miniblinds
  • 3. Electrical cords
  • 2. Cell phone chargers
  • 1. Computer cords