Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pilates and me

So whenever Kristine gets out her Yoga mat and that Pilates Magic Circle, I go crazy for it! I love to jump around when she is doing her hundreds and full rollups. There is something about the movement and that great magic circle that I just love. Once she sets the magic circle down, I jump inside of it, and then outside of it, and lay inside of it, and lay outside of it, it's so much fun!

Gotta go work on my abs now!
Peaches, the Pilates Sneaches.

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Bunny Rabbit Picture of the Day

My favorite things to chew on

  • 10. Books
  • 9. Begonias
  • 8. Buttons
  • 7. Zippers
  • 6. Windowsill
  • 5. Red Rug
  • 4. Miniblinds
  • 3. Electrical cords
  • 2. Cell phone chargers
  • 1. Computer cords