Saturday, June 13, 2009


Peaches was the friend that made special connections. A few celebrations of Peaches life:
- One day we were walking and a Tri-Met bus stopped and asked us if Peaches was a rabbit and then asked if we would want to ride the bus for awhile!
- She went through a chewing phase - it stopped, but only because all of the wires had been chewed and there may have been a slight jolt at one point.
- She liked to sit in the windowsill and watch the kitty across the way.
- Eventually I did not put her harness on when we went for walks or to the park because Peaches stayed right by my side and would run in circles around me, but would jump into my lap also.
- One day I was totally upset and was crying on the floor, and she came out of her "bedroom" and laid right next to me, her nose to my nose.

Peaches was an angel in countless ways, and Jesse and I were blessed to have her for the last year, as she watched us throughout our first year of marriage and she also helped us love each other more.

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My favorite things to chew on

  • 10. Books
  • 9. Begonias
  • 8. Buttons
  • 7. Zippers
  • 6. Windowsill
  • 5. Red Rug
  • 4. Miniblinds
  • 3. Electrical cords
  • 2. Cell phone chargers
  • 1. Computer cords