Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carrying on the Torch

Now that Jesse and I have moved to San Francisco, we are taking the memories of Peaches with us and learning from them.  She taught me about my insight into animals and the deep connection I feel with them.  I am continuing the connection through helping other bunnies now.  

I have joined up with Save A Bunny, a rabbit rescue organization.  When I found out about this group, I was thrilled that such a great group existed, then when I got involved I was thrilled to be helping too.  Save A Bunny is amazing, they have a sanctuary for rabbits to live, instead of being inhumanely treated or euthanized.  Then there is a large fostering community, and the end goal is to have these animals adopted.  Talk about second chances?  It's worth more than words can express.  Go to, and support humanity!

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Bunny Rabbit Picture of the Day

My favorite things to chew on

  • 10. Books
  • 9. Begonias
  • 8. Buttons
  • 7. Zippers
  • 6. Windowsill
  • 5. Red Rug
  • 4. Miniblinds
  • 3. Electrical cords
  • 2. Cell phone chargers
  • 1. Computer cords