Saturday, February 14, 2009

X-Rays and Caged Days

Tuesday morning I did not quite give into the "going for a walk" tidbit with being swaddled up and everything. I was keen to the vibe. My favorite blue blanket was packed along with some of my favorite foods: carrot, banana, cauliflower, romaine, and radish tops. I couldn't believe the gourmet meals that awaited me, but I did not know that I would enjoy those while surround by other caged animals - dogs and cats, mostly.

So, I went under for 10 minutes, had x-rays, a nail trim and some light pampering. Then the results to my bulging right jaw line: a tooth abscess!

Surgery may come, but for now I am receiving a delicious dose of pina colada antibiotic in the morning and at night. I have also heard them talking about my age: I think they realize I am not 2 years old like they thought, but more like 5 or 6! Us rabbits can be a little tricky in disguising this due to our natural beauty and grace!

Peace from Peaches.

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  1. As much as we like peaches, we would like to see and hear more from the care-takers of this famed rabbit.


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